The first sip of coffee,
I was thirteen years old,
never again, I thought.

It is the same with everything,
the first heartbreak and your world crushes against the walls of reality.
The second time it breaks you, still,
destroys every part of you slowly.
The third time it aches,
a pain you will not recollect having felt until today.
The fourth time it makes your tongue numb,
your limbs numb, everything stiff, lifeless.
The fifth time it makes you question all the heartbreaks you lived through.
The fifth time you walk
straight across the whole city
into the corner of your favorite café.
You order your espresso,
and glaring out of the window into the hollow streets,
you ask yourself why.

Broken, and tremendously tired
you sip your coffee.
Until the next time.

Jehona Thaqi ©

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