How to fall in love


Until today each poem I read
taught me how to fall out of love,
how to forget, how to heal heartbreak.
But maybe healing has never been about forgetting
but remembering that there is more to this world than what we have been through until this very moment.
Maybe healing is not about falling out of love,
but falling into it, deeper than ever.

You get up in the mornings,
go look into the mirror.
Can you see how beautiful your swollen eyes are, despite all the tears?
Brew your coffee, fall in love with its scent first,
then with its bitter-sweet taste.
Go for a walk and realize how this world blooms each day,
so colorful and vivid, even after the biggest storms.
Visit museums and realize that you are not the only one with a long and shattering history.
Talk to yourself, cry, weep,
feel how your lungs still grasp for air,
even when you’re so tired of breathing.
Be kind to the masterpiece you are,
you see, there is so much more to live for then what you believe.

Open up your eyes, wider.
Welcome your life with all the blisters
it has brought to you.
And say thank you to your body, for still keeping up with you,
just to fall in love
over and over.

Jehona Thaqi© your life is worthy


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