Our bed

I could not sleep

in days,

yet my eyes collapsed 

and my body was numb,

aching and screaming

for just a little rest.

But when I layed down,

upon our bed,

and I watched your empty side,

all fatigue was gone.

I pressed my eyes together,

in order to forget your absence,

yet my body, heavy and big,

did not know how to fill the space.

I wanted to sleep,

God, how I wanted to sleep,

but I had forgotten how to sleep alone,

I had forgotten how to fit my body

into these sheets that still smelled of you,

how to be enough for this bed.

And when I crawled out of it in the mornings,

the cussions still perfectly arranged the way you always wanted it to be,

I glanced at your empty spot and wondered,

if you had slept well.
Jehona Thaqi© broken writings


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