A little chaotic

This is my writing of imperfections and flaws,
probably the one that will go unnoticed,
the one that will hide somewhere inbetween these pages;
but if you believe in the truth,
then this will be the closest to it you have ever been,
for this is the truest I have ever intended to write
and I swear, upon whatever you believe,
that my heart will hold witness of these words
for as long as it beats.

I will not promise eternity, my love,
as I can not promise what is not in our hands,
but I have given to you my very presence,
I have said yes each day of our journey,
through each heartbreak and through tears,
through rough days of yelling and screaming,
to the quiet days of grieving together.

I have said yes when you were far,
when miles were separating merely our bodies,
for souls can not be separated through distance.
I have said yes when your heart was still insecure,
when your love was stumbling upon options,
when you were yet not quiet sure about anything.

I can not promise eternity, my love,
for I do not understand eternity,
it is too far from my horizon, too distant for my small hands to reach,
but I promise you my presence and all it holds.
If I could, I would alter my self to be the woman of your dreams,
I would prevent you from the sadness this world offers,
and I would protect you from all evil.

You see, our love is a little chaotic,
but I will say yes to it, over and over again,
for it is the most wonderful chaos within my ordinary life.

Jehona Thaqi  ©


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