I was oblivious of life;

for too many heart-breaks had marked my body,

and I speak of the heart-breaks of a woman; a warrior,

who protected her soul with silence

but whose silence has been broken by understanding

that a woman’s tongue will not be tied to the dreams of men.

I was oblivious of happiness,

for too many tears had drowned my laughter,

the tears of a losing warrior,

but war will not be over unless this soul flees my body,

and even then, when I rest underneath the earth,

I will leave the tomb as dust 

and remind you of the power a woman carries within;

a woman who has been opressed

but never silenced.

I was oblivious of my strength,

the strenght of a woman;

I was a prisoner to my fears,

but today I will destroy the chains tied among my soul,

I will be free,

and concious of everything I have.

Jehona Thaqi©


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