I wonder how many names you had to forget
in order to remember your own,
dear friend;
for you were a masterpiece to this world,
as colorful and historic as the buildings of Porto’s ribeira;
yet broken, for I could see the cracks upon walls
and dying lightbulbs underneath blank ceilings.

I wonder how many heartbreaks you had to live through
in order to love yourself first,
for you thought your heart could hold all of them,
like within this part of the city;
too many temporary visitors dancing through its streets, leaving nothing but footprints behind
and too few lovers who stay to renovate the abandoned homes.

I believe
that your heart is more than a port of desire;
dear friend.

Jehona Thaqi©

20 thoughts on “Ribeira

  1. Ok, I was going to paste my favorite line but then I realized there are about 6 so that quickly became implausible. The reality is, for me, that this is the best thing I’ve read today. It resonates with my strongly. And makes me wonder…how many names I’ve forgotten…and how to still find my own. I guess that’s why I’m here.

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    1. You left me speechless… Thank you so much for your words and for the time you took to write this wonderful comment. I can not thank you enough; honestly! Your poems are amazingly well written and reading this comment makes me extremely happy. I wish you all the best! With kind regards, Jehona.

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