Tulips grow out of my skin
with roots tangling around this body I once called prison.
To this day, whenever I despise my beating heart,
I remind myself that flowers grow within the cracks of my skin,
inbetween dark and hollow spots,
where once was nothing but grief.
I remind myself that bleeding is healing
and that the tears I cried have been the cleaning rain for my soul.
I remind myself that tulips do not grow
without the cold breeze of winter;
and so do I.
For I have been growing out of pain,
and I will survive each winter to bloom again.

Jehona Thaqi© you will not destroy me

19 thoughts on “Tulip

      1. thank you very much, for your answer, because of your name, thaki, i guess that you understand what ramadan means, i love my wrinkle, and i enjoy being able to understand very much who yemens, who have great culture,, , and i dont follow them then so they are at the top of my follow blogger, so i wish you all the best for you and your family, and thank you for your help and support, thank god !!! ‚Always say, happy times, and or stubbornness, there are always Angeles on their side.‘ Thank you


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