Where did our love go

Where did our love go,
that once twittered like a bird within my ribs,
within this broken cage that found healing in your arms.

Where did our love go,
that grew underneath our skins,
with roots tangling around our bones
and branches that entwined into an artwork while we held each other.

Let me tell you where our love went,
it fluttered away – south,
where it found comfort in warmer hands.

The roots died,
and the branches broke –
there was nowhere our little lovebird could build its nest.

Our love –
it went where it belonged to;
far from us.

Jehona Thaqi©


Untitled V

Jehona Thaqi©

I never knew how broken I was
until I felt my shattered pieces cutting through my flesh.
Until it ached to breathe
and it ached even more not to.

Jehona Thaqi© the painting is yet not finished, and so is this poem