I have counted
threehundredfiftyfive sunrises
until all skies became the same.

Maybe it was the same with you.

I have seen your lovely face
for too long
until it became simply one of many;
a fading beauty,
soon to be forgotten.

Jehona Thaqi©

Little bird


Little bird,
I see the fear within your eyes,
when you look at the endless shapes of clouds above your head,
while you try to fit eternal into boxes of space and time,
but you will learn that space can be filled by love, and love only,
and time is but a deception of mankind,
putting its passing at war with our minds.
What a cruel world you might think,
as it stands upon your wings and tells you to fly,
but your fragile bones have been designed to conquer these skies.

Fear not, little bird,
look at the sky as your savior,
for you will lose trace of this world,
but you will find yourself amongst the clouds.

Jehona Thaqi©

Explosive love


He tasted of gasoline
and she was willing to burn for this so called love
as brightly and radiant as the morning sun.

She kept the flames
underneath her skin,
and if he were not the one to ignite the fire in the first place,
he would burn his fingers.

Toxic lovers,
living on the edge of reality,
sacrificing their souls for the beauty of burning hearts;
and to this day,
no storm has diminished their flames.

To this day,
they do not regret loving until they burst.

Jehona Thaqi©